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3D Pic - Anaglyphs are printable to various surfaces & substrates & can also be used on the web. They can be printed within the CMYK range of colours & are viewable from a relative close distance (0.5 -15m). 3D Images need not only be done with lenticular. A lower cost alternative to 3D lenticulars are Anaglyphs. These are 3D images which are viewed through 3D Glasses. Once generated these images can be manipulated and printed in the normal way. We can generate both colour and monochrome anaglyphs with "Real Depth"

In other words the 3D looks realistic, with objects within the 3D image not just being flat objects floating within the 3D space, but rather being 3D objects interacting within the 3D Plane.

Stereograms - Do you remember the posters which used to be all the rage a few years ago (they were even inserted into the you magazine) ? These showed a page of a repeating pattern, which if you stared at it long enough, would resolve itself into a 3D image or message ? This is what Stereograms are. We can use almost any image for the repeating pattern, and can resolve any hidden message, shape or logo from this pattern. We can make any size from A5, right up to poster size.

Cryptograms - Images in Motion has the technology to hide "messages" into seemingly innocuous graphics, which cannot be deciphered (by a computer, a microscope, a scanner or any other way) without a special "decoder lens". It's only when the decoder lens that has been generated for that specific promotion is applied to the graphic, that the hidden message will appear. Using a decoder lens from a different promotion, will not work correctly.

Also, the customer has no way of falsifying the hidden message.




Optical Illusion

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Put on any 3D glasses (Red/Blue), and watch what looks like a flat, boring picture jump out at you in stunning 3D. We can generate this effect for you at any size, and we can also custom brand the 3D Glasses for you (as we manufacture them).


Images in motion can hide almost anything in such an interactive image, be it a message, logo , or shape.

Applications for 3D Graphics:

Magazine Prints
Powerpoint Presentations
Interactive applications
Product launches
Trade Shows